Solar Energy in Ireland

Solar is a rapidly developing technology that has minimal impact on the environment with maximum benefits.  Solar is forecast to become the most economically viable renewable energy source in the coming years globally.

BNRG Distribution recognizes the potential for solar in Ireland. It’s a long term sustainable and clean option with numerous benefits for Ireland economically, socially and environmentally.

The actual benefits

Although Ireland is not known for long hours of sunshine, it is actually the visible light that drives PV cells. The level of light and brightness of the day is the key thing. Therefore, Irish weather is perfectly suitable for PV. Even at cloudy days there are good visible light levels and the resource for driving PV is substantial.

Moreover, Ireland has another great advantage for Solar. At times when seasonal intensity of visible light is at its peak, Ireland has very long ours of daylight. These long ours of daylight overlap with the daily national electricity peak demand times – morning time and 5.30pm onwards.


Lock in your rates.

We don’t know exactly how energy prices will change but it’s a pretty good bet that electricity bills aren’t’ likely to go down. Solar lets you cut your power bill today and let you enjoy savings in the future.

A simple decision, whichever way you pay.

Whether you want to lease, get a loan, or pay cash for your solar system, your installer may be able to help you get the federal, state, and local incentives that are available to keep the cost of your system down. Don’t have cash to spare? Both leases and loans may help you start saving with no money out of the pocket.

Boost your homes value.

Having a solar home can increase you property value, and can also help your home sell faster if you ever decide to move.

One study found that when people own a solar PV system, their home is worth an extra €10.000,-

Keep in mind.

Savings from solar depends on many factors including;

  • how many panels do you have?
  • Will you own your solar equipment outright or finance it with a lease or loan?
  • How intense is the sunlight in your area

However big you system, whatever way you pay for it, and whatever the weather, chances are that solar makes sense for your wallet and for the planet.