Solar Frontier is the world’s largest manufacturer of CIS (copper-indium-selenium) panels and is a subsidiary of Shell. The factory of Solar Frontier is in the south of Japan. The strong parent company, the impressive R&D and the reinsured guarantee make this a very solid product from a very solid company.

CIS belongs to the “family” of thin film products. However, the product is substantially different to amorphous Silicon (a-Si) or Cadmium Telluride (CdTe).

For thin film modules, the modules have a very high module efficiency of 12.6%. However, the most important thing is that they manage to generate a higher kWh production per m2 with a lower number of Watt Peak / m2 than crystalline modules. Solar Frontier panels therefore consistently provide surprisingly high results. Thanks to this high kWh production, Solar Frontier can often generate a lower price per kilowatt-hour despite its higher purchase costs. As a result, not only is the kWh output higher but so is the financial output.

What’s more, the modules look good, making them more suitable for an aesthetic application in architecture. Also, in contrast to other thin film technologies, they are entirely lead-free and cadmium free.


Solar Frontier features:

  • Biggest production of thin film (CIS) solar panels
    Annual production capacity> 1GW
  • Solar Frontier panels have a very high energy yield (kWh per Wp).
  • Up to 10% more yield as a result of the ‘light soaking effect’
  • High shade tolerance
  • Best performance in low light and low angle applications
  • Very positive temperature coefficient (P max: -031% / ºC)
  • CIS panels with most kWh per Wp
  • Great for large projects
  • Bankable warranty and covered by parent Showa Shell
  • Solar Frontier Power Sets available (combination of SF170-S & Steca inverter)
  • Very extensively tested
  • PID free, salt fog corrosion and Ammonia Resistance.

Solar Frontier 160S All Black

Solar Frontier

SF 160 S (positive tolerance)

Power output:
160 Wp

20 kg

0 / +5%

Cell technology:

Frame colour:

1257 x 977 x 35 mm

Module efficiency:

Product warranty:
25 year

Power warranty:
90% after 10 jr, and 80% after 25 jr




Solar Frontier Powersets

The Solar Frontier Solar Frontier by Powerset is a composite set. This set includes solar panels, inverter (s) and all cabling and connectors to connect the whole DC side. (excl. mounting).

Solar Frontier

Type panels:
Solar Frontier 170 S (positive tolerance)

associated converters

Rol DC Kabel:
<28 panels 50 meters,> 28 panels 100mr

Cables & Connectors:
Associated connection cables and connectors