Esdec is manufactures and supplies professional mounting structures for the mounting of solar panels on roofs, called ClickFit and FlatFix.

Clickfit (pitched roofs)

ClickFit is certified according to the stringent requirements for the installation of solar panels on the roofs of the leading Dutch institute BDA / KIWA

The tests identified by BDA / KIWA have been carried out include the resistance to rain, snow load and wind load on a PV system that is mounted to the mounting system ClickFit. In addition to static calculations, there are field tests conducted in a controlled test facility. There are also inspections performed on installed systems, some of which systems for over 8 years are in use. ClickFit is tested on the basis of eg the NEN7250 “Solar energy systems – Integration in roofs and facades – Construction aspects” and the Dutch Building Act.

The Dutch brand ClickFit, specifically intended for sloping roof modules, is a high-quality, but very easy to use mounting system. This reduces the mounting time considerably. ClickFit is extremely suitable for Dutch and Belgian tiled roofs.

Warranty: 20 years


FlatFix (flat roofs)

Dutch FlatFix manufactured specifically intended for installation on flat roofs, is a high quality, but very easy to apply solar mounting system. This reduces the installation time considerably.

Flatfix is available in several variants with which different types of roofs and various panels appropriate support systems can be designed. Flatfix can thus be delivered with a mounting angle of 15 °, 20 ° and 30 ° degrees, and with single or double load.

Flatfix Light

For roofs with a very limited capacity (steel decks, etc.) offers FlatFix light one of the few options. The panels are disposed at an angle of 13 ° degrees as a grid and are coupled to each other. This allows the additional roof load of the overall solar system can be reduced to below 10 kg / m².


Flatfix FUSION

FlatFix Fusion is a new and revolutionary lightweight flat roof system. With a minimum of aerodynamic the coupled ballast system can be used for both large and small systems. The unique design allows build up of the same components in both a classic Southern setup as well in an east-west or north-south alignment. FlatFix Fusion has an arrangement angle of 13 degrees. This ensures that the PV system at virtually any orientation achieves very good yields.

Warranty: 20 years

Now Flatfix Black available.